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  • Quick alway's.

    welp i notice that 'IT HAS' a better hair texture than of my other marie rose rig.
    same as my christmas model.anyway.YOU CANT! use this model using Skin Selector. (Skin.img)
    use this to replace any pedestrial OR any other model's.or maybe its only on my game.
    i hope you enjoy my Latest GTA SA SKIN MOD!

    Requested by Neromaru.

    DOWNLOAD [GTAinside]

    [REL|SA]Dead Or Alive 5:Last Round - Marie Rose Halloween 2016

  • Test mod and its kinda laggy.
    because of texture's are 2000+ x 2000+ or less pixel's.
    i also had a trouble Compressing them.
    and Converting them is also stupid.
    i will said.GOOD JOB ROOSTER TEETH!!

    whatever here's the screenshot ATM!

    Im currently rigging the other girls TOO!!
    like Yang,Blake and Ruby.
    soon might upload after some Massive fixing.

    [WIP|SA]RWBY Grimm Eclipse - Weiss.

  • welp another Anime skin's :D but now as a Package.
    a Full repalcement for all Playable character's.

    An Inspiration of a Similar mod for GTA SA and L4D2
    GTANeptunia and Nep4Dead2
    (RE4 Doesnt have much Animu mod's.why dont make some or more :3)

    Neptune - Replace (Leon all model's)
    Vert - Replace (Ada all model's)
    Blanc - Replace (Krauser (mercenaries only))
    Kei Jinguji - Replace (HUNK Mercenaries)
    NepGear - Replace (Wesker Mercenaries)


    [REL|RE4]Biohazard 4xNeptunia - Mod Pack v1.0.0a

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